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Enhancing Quality and Credibility of Your Education Experience


Bringing together all the pieces into one place, the software system is more than the sum of its pieces. We offer complete integration, meaning every department receives live, real-time access to institutional records.


The software platform is fully deployed on the AWS Cloud Service (Amazon), as such, there are NO hardware requirements for your institution. All file management services (ie. backups) are taken care of by our technology team.


Designed for K-12 and Higher Education institutions, the software platform is scalable, designed to meet the needs of your institution regardless of the size of the number of students, staff and faculty.


Traditionaly a software company will "develop as little as they can, sell it for as much as they can, for as long as they can." Our attitude is to develop as much as we can and license it for as little as we can. Our goal is to advance the cause of Higher Education by offering software as a solution services in the most affordable way possible.


With servers located in 12 different geographic regions, we offer fast service to any device - mobile, laptop or workstation from anywhere in the world.

2018 Annual Meeting

Visit us in Orlando, FL at the The Rosen Plaza, February 21-23, 2018. Meet our programming and support teams as well as our ownership group - talk about upcoming releases and software development ideas. Visit us at booth 11/12!